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What Makes Alta Unique

Unbiased Advice




Alta Actuaries & Consultants, LLC is a firm created by a group of seasoned, global professionals who have a broad range of on-the-ground experience around the world and deep technical expertise in the global benefit consulting space. 

Alta’s mission is to be a best-in-class, global benefit consulting firm providing unbiased advice in a client-centric manner to elevate human capital potential at an affordable cost. We have made fundamental decisions about our organization and our modus operandi, which make Alta unique in the marketplace.

  • Independence - Alta is fully owned by its Principals and has no special arrangements with any financial firm that may impair independent solutions. We are best positioned to make unbiased recommendations to clients.

  • Best-in-class - Alta believes that no single firm has the best consulting resources in every line of business in every location. We help our clients engage and manage the best local and global providers by service line and territory. We do not pursue global appointments or global placements from our clients.

  • Client-centered - We are agnostic as to the choices of funding methodology, benchmarking evaluation criteria, normative data sources and similar considerations. Alta works with clients to secure the best approach and resources to fulfill our clients’ objectives. We deliver personalized consulting services through a single point of contact by a multi-disciplinary, senior global benefit expert in an integrated and coordinated manner.


Alta believes that the cost of high-quality consulting services should be attainable for all global companies, and that our clients should derive solid financial value from our advice. It is our policy to agree on fees and to disclose all sources of compensation with our clients at the outset. We constantly aim to maximize efficiency and minimize overhead in order to provide clients with the best advice at the best price. 

Alta is committed to fairness and transparency for our clients, our employees and our community. We hold ourselves and our employees to the highest ethical and professional standards. 

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