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Elevating global companies with expert HR risk management solutions

Alta Actuaries & Consultants

Delegated Global Benefit Management

Global Benefit Optimization 

Fully Integrated Captive Solution

What Makes Alta Unique

Alta Actuaries & Consultants, LLC is a firm created by a group of seasoned, global professionals who have a broad range of on-the-ground experience around the world and deep technical expertise in the global benefit consulting space. 

Alta’s aim is to provide world-class benefit consulting advice from an unbiased perspective and in the clients’ best interests. In order to achieve this goal, we have made fundamental decisions about our organization and our modus operandi, which make Alta unique in the marketplace.


Alta believes that the cost of high-quality consulting services should be attainable for all global companies, and that our clients should derive solid financial value from our advice. It is our policy to agree on fees and to disclose all sources of compensation with our clients at the outset. We constantly aim to maximize efficiency and minimize overhead without sacrificing quality. In this way, Alta provides clients with the best advice at the best price. 


Alta Actuaries & Consultants, LLC

Tel: +1 312-741-8110

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